Taking the leap for your first Triathlon

Everyone has a ‘first’ triathlon they take part in, even the professionals, and despite what you might think you don’t need expensive kit to take part.

From the outside it can seem that everyone is incredibly fit, very serious and experienced, and that there is no way that you as a newcomer can take part. But everyone will remember their first race, and remember how daunting it seemed.

“I think a lot of people can be put off by the thought of all three disciplines, says Kevin Concannon, Welfare Officer of JetStream Tri club and part of the race organising committee for Hatch End and Harrow Triathlon

“We all have disciplines we prefer or are stronger in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do all three,” he went on to say. “That’s why we promote the Hatch End and Harrow Triathlon to those who may not have taken part in a triathlon before.”

The Triathlon community is one founded on peer support and determination to complete. Be it your first or 101st, Triathlons are open to anyone who wants to take part.

“Our pool-based swim definitely helps it make it less daunting and as a family-oriented event with races for juniors it is an ideal starter race for those new to the sport.” Kevin continued, “and our army of volunteers voicing support to participants around the course.”

And whilst you might think you need a plethora of kit to take part, in reality, all you need is a bike, some running shoes and some swim kit to take part.

“The Hatch End and Harrow Triathlon prides itself on being inclusive and so Jetstream offer support and training for the less experienced triathlete with pool coaching and how to transition between each sport”.

Kevin went on to say “With a supportive community, local clubs to help you with training and entry local level races, there is no greater sport to challenge yourself with.”

The Hatch End Triathlon takes place on the 12th May 2019 in Hatch End with a 400-meter swim, 17km cycle and 3km off road run; with five shorter races for juniors.

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