Please arrive in plenty of time to park, register and set up. Please refer to the start list on the Race Info page to find out your allocated time to report to the swimming pool for the start. This list also shows the race briefing you should attend.

You are not permitted to park in the Morrison’s or Arts Centre car parks. Please come prepared to allow time to park in local roads.


Registration will open at 6.10am and close at 8:00am. You should register early enough to allow time to prepare your belongings in transition and to attend your race briefing which will contain important information and any late changes that may affect the race.
1) In registration, give your name so you can be identified on the registration list. If you are a British Triathlon member you will need to show your license. If you cannot produce it you will have to pay £5 for a day membership.
2. You will be given your race numbers and timing chip. The two large numbers (waterproof & tear proof) must be worn on the bike and run sections, attached to your T-shirt/vest or to a number belt. The small numbered sticker
should be attached to your bike helmet and the larger sticker to the seat post of your bike before you enter transition. The timing chip should be securely attached to your ankle using the Velcro strap.
3. You will also have your race number written on your right shoulder with marker pen (this is waterproof but will come off with a bit of soap and a scrub after the race)
The transition area is where you keep your bike, helmet and clothing and where you change into your clothes for the different parts of the event. Please arrive with enough time to familiarise yourself with the transition area, which will be open between 6:15 and 8:15 only.
For security reasons no one is allowed into Transition unless they are competitors in the race. You should rack your bike in the designated area of racking, setting out your kit in a tidy way so as not to impede other competitors. You are responsible for keeping your kit within your space throughout the race. The organisers cannot accept responsibility for any loss.