The Race

Once you start the swim, the clock runs until you go over the finish line at the end of the run. Triathlon is an individual sport, where everyone appreciates your effort whatever your standard. Please enjoy watching others doing the same. Un-sportsmanlike conduct will lead to disqualification.

British Triathlon rules state that a number should be visible on your back for the bike section and on your front for the run section – you may use a number belt, but remember, it is your responsibility to make the numbers visible at all times.



 THE SWIM (400m – 17 lengths) 

Please come to the pool wearing only your swimming costume / tri suit, 15 minutes before the time shown on the start list (which you will find on the Race Info page). This is an important instruction, vital to ensure the race runs on time. Your swim start time has been allocated to keep you with swimmers of similar speeds.

You should enter the pool building through the entrance for the male changing room and find your place in the queue. You will be given your timing chip (if not already in your race pack), which should be securely attached to your ankle using a velcro strap. The timing chip will automatically record your times as you go around the course.

Swimmers start in race number order, so find your place in the queue accordingly. If you miss your slot, it may not be possible to let you swim later than planned as we cannot put fast swimmers with slower ones. At poolside, you will be given a coloured swim cap, which must be worn for the swim. You will start in the water and go when the start marshal tells you.

An indicator will be placed in the water in front of you when you have 2 lengths to go (15 done). Please get out of the pool quickly as others will be finishing behind you. Take your swimming cap off, leaving it poolside.

Exit through the double doors at the end of the pool (be careful of the step here) and then run to Transition, following the signs along the side and around the corner of the pool building, which will be marshalled to indicate the route.


 CYCLE SECTION (17km – 3 laps)

Find your bike, and then put on any clothing which you want to wear for the cycle section of the race. You MUST have your helmet in place and FASTENED BEFORE you un-rack your bike. You must not cycle in the transition area.

Push your bike out of transition and up to the Uxbridge Road before you mount. You must follow the Highway Code, including observing traffic lights, pedestrian crossings etc. There are no road closures and you do not have right of way. Non-compliance will lead to disqualification. Take care at the roundabout by Morrison’s supermarket – beware Sunday shoppers! Be prepared to stop at the pedestrian crossing in the row of shops in Hatch End, this will be marshalled and failure to comply will result in disqualification!

BEWARE!!: Sections of the road surface on the course are poor and there are some deep potholes. Please be careful.

This is a non-drafting race so you must pass another rider swiftly and not draft behind them (i.e. do not ride directly behind them) otherwise this will also result in disqualification. If asked by marshals please call out your race number.

Follow the course three times and when you are about to finish, dismount on the Uxbridge Road at the finish line and wheel your bike back to Transition.  Re-rack your bike in its original position but do not unfasten your helmet until your bike is re-racked. Then prepare for the run section and follow directions to the run course.


 RUN SECTION (3 km – 3 laps)
All competitors follow the same course, from transition to the finish, which will be marked out on the grass. Please make sure you are familiar with the course before the start of the race. There will be marshals and a water station on the course. You must wear running shoes, otherwise you will be disqualified!

As you run round each lap, you will be handed a rubber band to put on your wrist – on your third lap you should run down the finish straight, into the finishing funnel (please stay in the order you finish), hand in your three rubber bands and your timing chip and pat yourself on the back. Well Done!!

When your race is finished you must show the marshal your large number to retrieve the correct bike. If you cannot you will have a long wait until all the other bikes have been retrieved!